We are already working with clients in the so many public and private sectors. The opposite list of key industry focus serves as basis of engagement. However, International Wealth Consult does not restrict its financial services to these business sectors alone.


We can build any healthcare type of building. From a small private medical clinic to a full-fetched, new county hospital!


Educational institutions can be much more creative, than your regular school or a college campus! Entrust us with building it and it will be mesmerizing


It's probably the most diverse category of construction to work in. But we've got experience of building both small shopping malls and 50-stories high-rises


It's probably the most diverse category of construction to work in. But we've got experience of building both small shopping malls and 50-stories high-rises!


While building a head quarters building for an IT company is relatively easy, we've also got our hands at constructing more challenging types of IT related structures.


The US military and States governments used our expertise and manpower to build numerous military-grade, cost-efficient and usage-practical buildings, all over the US and overseas..


Working on a socially important building, such as a park involves additional landscape construction expertise. Thankfully, we've got it and we aren't afraid to apply it in practice!


While building a warehouse for an e-store is no easy feat itself, think about building it for Amazon or Google! We've already done that, so no complexity can scare us off the project!

Our Advice. Your Industry.

Have you found your dream house? Are you looking for a loan to refinance your existing loan? or to finance your projects? Have you finalized your plans on that construction project? International Wealth Consult has a loan product to fit your needs. We offer competitive loan rates and a friendly application process.

We are committed to helping our customers realize their personal financial goals, offering a wide array of loan products. Our team is local and understands the things that are important to you.

Our experienced lenders are available to help you decide which loan program works best for you. Whether you are shopping for a home, buying a new car or planning a vacation, we are here for you.

What makes us tick.

Our lending decisions are made locally, because we know you, our customer. That is why we provide personal service with fast turn around and flexible terms.

We offer loans for personal and business purposes. Introducing International Wealth Consult Quick loans for personal and business purposes. Available to both local and international borrowers. Terms and Conditions include:


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